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Training Opportunities for Individual LEOs

Cyber Security & Identity Theft Awareness – Law Enforcement

Technology is integrated into every area of our lives- smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Unfortunately, security is compromised for convenience all too often when new devices are adopted. This has resulted in virtually all crime being cybercrime related- assault, burglary, and of course financial fraud.

Your citizens and businesses are far more likely to be victims of identity theft, ransomware, or other cybercrime. If they don’t view your agency as a resource for helping them when they need help the most, they will lose confidence in your agency’s ability to fight all crime.

What is your citizen’s confidence in your agency’s ability to fight cybercrime? This course is designed for all officers so that they can establish this confidence in the community as they respond to citizen and business victimization by cyber criminals.

Please check back soon for an updated list of our public training opportunities.