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CSRM Course Offerings

CSRM offers elite training courses to both federal and local law enforcement organizations as well as select local businesses. Following is a course listing.

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Cyber Security Risk Management
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Human Hacking & Social Engineering (Exploiting our Technology Dependency)
Prepare your network defenses for social engineering attacks. Learn how to uncover the vulnerabilities of your personnel and develop a strategy that prepares your organization for attacks. A key part of your social engineering network defense is a prepared and trained workforce. Option A of this course teaches common social engineering attacks to your entire workforce so that they are on the lookout for social engineering attacks and respond appropriately. Option B is more in-depth for an IT or cyber security professional.

Cyber Crime & Human Hacking for Law Enforcement
Ransomware is now a major threat for organizations of all sizes. Over 14.1 million ransomware attacks are launched in the US daily and the devastation of just one attack can cripple or bankrupt an organization. The weakest link in IT security is through your employees. Well-intentioned individuals are exploited through social engineering methods to be the entry point of most ransomware. Ongoing training is crucial in educating your workforce to the ransomware threat.
A variety of online training courses exist, however, with a success rate of only 2%, the organization is given a false sense of security and remains vulnerable to attacks. CSRM training is immersive and engaging with an 82% rate of retention, providing confidence for company-wide policy change to successfully mitigate ransomware attacks.

Currently, your organization is exposed. Chances are you are being attacked now. Are you confident that every employee can recognize a ransomware and social engineering attack?

Cyber Security & Identity Theft for Law Enforcement
Equip your officers to effectively respond to citizens when identity theft police reports are filed. Includes foundational digital security principles, overview of identity theft, an understanding of the legal environment of identity theft, and insight into how digital criminals are operating.

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Cyber Security Accessibility & Quality Control
Understand what constitutes thorough cyber security and learn hands-on how to implement it in your organization.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment
Understand the regulatory environment surrounding security controls, how to assign costs to potential security incidents, and make capital allocation decisions so as to minimize overall costs.

Duration: 8 hours
Cost: $4200/attendee

Fortifying Your Data Palace
Learn industry best practices on common cyber-attacks and the best way to defend your network.

Network Access Control & Endpoint Security
Controlling access points on your network is crucial to maintaining a high level of security. This course includes Network Access Control, regulating foreign devices (USB, CD, DVD, etc.), and anti-malware initiatives.

Cyber Security & Identity Theft Awareness Workshop
Half of all breaches happen because of actions coming from within an organization. Provide your entire workforce with foundational digital security principles as well as an overview of the number one crime in the country- identity theft.

Identity Theft Community Outreach
Over 13 million Americans are victims of Identity Theft each year. It has been the number one consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission since the year 2000. Help your community to understand and prepare for an identity theft incident.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
Learn how to identify your most vulnerable network assets and prevent sophisticated attacks that come from outside or inside of your organization, including cyber espionage.

Digital Forensics Mainstream Operating Systems & Mobile Devices
Ground level computer forensic knowledge including methodologies to extract, retain, & evaluate digital evidence from a Windows-based computer or a mobile device.

Disaster Recovery Strategy & Contingency Planning
Do you know the impact on your organization for interrupted operations? What are your top priorities during a crisis? Learn how to assess your organization to know the impact potential disasters can bring and develop contingency plans for maintaining continuity of critical assets.

Penetration Strategy- White Hat & Black Hat Approach
Develop and implement a strategy that detects and defends against potential cyber vulnerabilities on your network.

Plugging Your Data Holes
Learn the basics of ethical hacking so you can test your network’s vulnerabilities. This includes disabling firewalls, virus/anti-malware software, and conducting advanced port scanning.

US Government System Management
Due to the approximately 70,000 reported security incidents in 2014 with federal agencies and the OPM data breaches in 2015 exposing sensitive information on more than 25 million people, CSRM offers this course as a public service for qualified US government agencies.

Boot Camp- Become a Cyber Warrior
Become a tier one hacker during this intense 20-day off-site training program. You will be personally mentored by one of our “white hats” to learn how to hack into any network or device.